🏆SPM 2021 High Achievers🏆
🏆SPM 2021 杰出表现者🏆

SPM 2021 is the first KSSM exam which consists of many high order thinking questions – a league of their own. With the determination of TTC students and dedication of TTC tutors , our performance was 15% better than previous years, despite COVID19 and the challenges of remote learning.

TTC is eager to celebrate your excellent results achieved by this SPM 2021 batch by commemorating those with 6As & Above (652 students). So let us never forget the moment with a TTC trophy keepsake!

Once again, congratulations to all SPM 2021 High Achievers. Continue your hard work in university and aim for the stars!

SPM 2021 是马来西亚第一个高思维的 KSSM 考试。

尽管如此,TTC学生的坚持不懈和TTC老师们的辛勤付出,TTC学生成功在全新的KSSM 课程中考取佳绩,并且在不受疫情的影响下,SPM KSSM 2021考生比SPM KBSM 2020进步了15%

对于这一次SPM 2021考生的杰出表现,TTC深感荣幸能与所有考获6A或以上的652名考生一同纪念这一刻。因此,我们将颁发TTC奖杯给这些杰出表现者以作为纪念。




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