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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE is a globally recognized certificate. With more parents looking to send their children overseas to further their studies and more students demanding flexibility in the things they learn, IGCSE has become a main consideration for secondary school students aside from the traditional SPM. That said, the demand for IGCSE tuition has also gone up.

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Not only do we deliver our exclusive printed notes straight to your house (regardless if you’re an online or physical student), we provide a fun and engaging learning experience in our classes


Our tutors have years of experience nurturing students to be the best versions of themselves.

who says studying can’t be fun?

We always try our best to incorporate fun and effective learning methods, including jokes, having hands-on experiments and relating studies to real life.

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Besides answering exam-type questions, our tutors are more than happy to help with any troubles and doubts in our students’ lives, long after they have graduated.


Our in house exclusive notes 
 to your doorstep.

Whether you’re an online student or offline student, we ensure everyone gets the most effective learning experience by printing and delivering hardcopy notes all over Malaysia .

On the other hand, if you’re more tech savvy, don’t be shy to ask for a PDF copy from our friendly tutors!

Our Timetable

Short but 

Our classes are 1 hour long* to ensure that students do not burnout or experience fatigue even after attending 3 different subjects’ classes back-to-back.

We know your time is precious, so our tutors efficiently make use of the 60 minutes each week.

*Add maths classes are 1.5 hours long each week.

Our IGCSE Tutors

Tutor James

Additional Mathematics & Mathematics

  1. Bachelor of Science (Honours) Actuarial Science in UTAR
  2. Guaranteed A* record tracking in both Math and Add Math Papers.
  3. More than 5 years’ experience in teaching Math and Add Math
  4. Public speaker in University Seminar

Tutor Alwin Kuan


  1. OBU ACCA BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting
  2. 5 years’ experience in teaching SPM Prinsip Perakaunan and IGCSE Accounting
  3. Sunway JCF community Scholarship Recipient
  4. Sunway Tes Deloitte High Achiever CAT FAUNDATION IN AUDIT (FAU) 2nd Placing 92% June 2013 sitting
  5. YouTube channel: Alwin Kuan Akauns

Tutor Stephy Yap


  1. Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biomedical Science in SEGI University
  2. 8 years’ experience in teaching SPM and IGCSE Biology
  3. Seminar and answering technique workshop speaker for public schools

Tutor JiaHern


  1. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) in Monash Malaysia
  2. 10 years’ experience in teaching SPM and IGCSE Chemistry
  3. Public speaker in International and private school seminar & workshop
  4. YouTube channel: JiaHern Chemistry

Tutor Wei En


  1. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) in Monash Malaysia
  2. 5 years’ experience in teaching SPM and IGCSE Physics
  3. International and private school seminar & workshop speaker
  4. YouTube channel: WeiEn Physics

Don’t Just Listen to Us

Here’s what our students have to say!


I would say im lucky cause these tutors are THE BEST

I never knew them before the class but they have never made me feel like a stranger and never gets made even when your questions are silly THANK YOUU !!”

Learning physics can be really hard sometimes but Wei En made it easier for me. I joined his classes few months after learning with another tutor. He seems to be a patient person and is ready to teach you. He even plays YouTube videos regarding the particular chapter so that you can understand better. Thank you for the knowledge you’ve given me teacher!

I loved Stephy’s first class itself. It was filled with so much of laughter I can say. We got to know about each other better and I learnt a lot from her. She’s always smiling and cheering me up for all the classes. She’s very understanding as well. Thank you teacher for everything you’ve done for me all this while. Will never forget you! <3

Jia Hern is a very humorous but very good teacher. He makes weird abbreviations for chemistry that makes it easier to remember. A teacher that I personally feel closer to as he has a similar humour and interest to the students. He always answers questions of anything that we are unsure of.

I could understand certain maths chapters well by Ching Hua’s teaching methods. He can be like “”OMG YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS AH?!”” and yet he can still be patient and kind enough to teach you back. Everytime when you don’t understand you can just ask him to reteach. Appreciate all your lessons teacher and thank you!

Wei En is a very cool teacher that makes sure everyone understands thoroughly which I appreciate a lot. I admire his patience working with us HAHAHA since we may be quite blur with formulas or concepts a bit too often. I’ve started off with extremely disliking Physics to having a liking towards the subject after joining his classes.

Eugene makes Add Maths seem like a piece of cake. I’ve came to love Add Maths a lot ever since joining his classes. He uses simple ways to explain it to us which makes a complicated subject seem much easier.

Stephy is a very very sweet teacher, I’ve joined her class quite late but I still love her a lot even though I’ve been joining her classes for only a while. She’s very caring and always checks up on us through WhatsApp, making sure we are clear with everything and that we are not too stressed from exam preparation.

I gained a lot from Eugene’s superb add maths classes. I’ve always followed his steps to solve problems in add maths which has been helpful in many ways. He’s an amazing teacher as well. So happy to learn add maths with you teacher and thank you!

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