What is TTC F4 Express Class?

❓Question 1
If the F4 class starts in Jan, students wouldn’t know which subjects they are going to take yet.

💡In Jan 2023, F4 express starts with core subject. In Feb 2023, student will try subjects from both science and commerce stream to better make informed decisions of their interest and streaming choices.

Jan Subject
BM, BI, BC, Sej, Geo (Ekon), Sci (Chem & Bio chapter 1), Math (pre Add math)

Feb subject
BM, BI, BC, Sej, Geo (Ekon), Phy (online only), Che (online only), Bio (online only), AM (online only), PA (online only)

❓Question 2
If F3 final exams is held on Jan Week 1, will revisions continue in Jan?

💡F3 tuition class will convert to F4 express class from Jan Week 2 2023, Jan Week 1 2023 will remain F3 final exam revisions.
Jan W1 F3 revision
Jan W2 F4 syllabus
Jan W3 F4 syllabus
Jan W4 F4 syllabus

❓Question 3
How much is the tuition fees for the Form 4 Express?

💡The tuition for Form 4 Express is a 2-month package, as follows:
Jan 23 RM350 (6 subjects)
Feb 23 RM350 (9 subjects)

Mar 23 – Nov 24 will follow the usual Form 4 tuition fee. Depending on how many subjects you take.

❓Question 4
How does the rebate work?

💡The RM700 tuition fee paid for Jan & Feb 2023 will be rebated back to students over 20 months (20 x RM35).

For example, if student A takes 5 subjects in Mar 2023, the normal tuition fee is RM335. Student A will only need to pay RM300 (RM335-RM35 rebate).

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