Terms and Conditions

Pusat Tuisyen Tutor Tutor Cemerlang (TTC) reserves the rights to update/ revise these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. And, we reserves the absolute right to impose payment of deposit from customer or exclude or reduce those charges if deem necessary.

  1. Fees are charged according to TTC calendar (4 weeks per month/ 1 subject 4 classes).
  2. Paid fees are NOT refundable and NOT transferable.
  3. Fees are allowed to be pro-rated only for new student registration.
  4. Deposit will be contra with last payment month fees if there is NO DEBTS & withdrawal form must be submitted.
  5. Extra fees of RM10 per class will be charged if there is an additional class attended (including video requests) within the month. If the double classes attended exceed 3 classes per month, the fees will be charged based on monthly tuition fees of RM50.
  6. Students with more than 2 months of outstanding fees will not be permitted to attend classes and receive notes until the overdue fees are settled.
  7. Each student is allowed to attend only ONE class per week; FOUR classes per month for each subject.
  8. This attendance can be either in person (physical class) or online (virtual class), based on the student’s preference and availability.
  9. In the event that a student is unable to attend the class, they may request for video recordings of the missed session, with terms and conditions applied.
  10. Students opting to join online class are required to complete the Online Classroom Registration Form provided to enrol in the respective Google Classrooms.
  11. It is mandatory for students to join online class using their FULL NAME with capital letters. Failure of doing so may result in delays in accessing online class.