If you’re interested on how both you and your friends can benefit from our referral program, then you’ve come to the right place!

It’s pretty simple, for every friend you bring in, you and your friend will both receive up to RM80 off the following month’s tuition fees, depending on how many subjects your friend has signed up for.

show how friends bring friends promotion works

Let’s recap:

Number of Subjects Your Friend TakesAmount of Discount for Both of You
1 – 2RM 30
3 – 4RM 50
5 and aboveRM 80

There is no limit to this discount so you can bring your entire class of friends over!

Just remind them to mention your name in the registration form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Is your friend ready to sign up? Send them over to this link now!

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Some tiny terms & conditions:

  1. The referral program is only valid if your friend is new to TTC (i.e. hasn’t signed up with ANY TTC branch before).
  2. The introducer’s name must be written in full in the registration form (no “Daniel” or “Christine”) to help us validate the introducer.
  3. It is your responsibility as the introducer to remind your friend to include your name in the registration form.
  4. We will not entertain any request to edit the referral section of the form after submission.
  5. TTC Education and its staff have the right to invalidate the referral rewards if we found that the terms and conditions were violated.
  6. All decisions made by TTC Education and its staff are final.